Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Fall semester started in early September. I haven't had time to post since then. Surprising? No.

School is exhausting. I have classes Monday through Wednesday, clinical rotation Thursday and Friday nights, and then I work 12 hour shifts Saturday and Sunday. It is very difficult to juggle school, kids, dogs, husband, work, and home. But guess what? I am so happy to have this opportunity.

I never thought I would have the chance to achieve an education like this. In one short year and 1/2, I'll have a bachelors degree. No member of my family has ever attained this level of education. We weren't given credit for being very smart, sometimes with good reason. I never did homework in high school and I barely graduated. I swore I would never touch math again. My parents method of discipline included telling us on a regular basis how stupid we were. There were 7 children, my mom stayed home with us and my dad was a mechanic. Kids in families like mine don't go to college. They go into the Army, or they get married. My brothers all went into the military, my sisters and I got married. We did just what we were supposed to do according to the code of lower middle class families.

But now, at around 40ish, I am breaking the code. I could not be more grateful for this opportunity. I go to school, and I'm tired, overwhelmed, and crazed, but I am also so fortunate. I get to see my kids for about 30 minutes between Wednesday and Monday, but I am so fortunate. My husband is super fantastic, and for that I am very fortunate. Soon, I will have a real career. I'll have letters after my name. I'll have a degree to hang on the wall. And best of all, I'll have a HUGE party to celebrate.