Sunday, August 30, 2009


I am an exerciser. My favorite is jogging, though I also love biking and playing tennis. Exercise is how I attempt to manage some of the mad ranting I have inside of me. Sometimes, it contributes to it.

You know that movie from about 10 years ago with Tea Leoni and Penelope Cruz? It's the one where she is out for a jog, and has something to prove. She is running up a hill passing everyone. As she runs, she's all like "On your left!" or "on your right!" This is done with a smirk if I remember the movie correctly.

Okay, so I HATE telling people I am on their left or on their right. I HATE IT! I don't want to talk to people when I am exercising. Can't they just wear a rear view mirror or something? Can't they look behind them once in awhile? Besides, when I do make the effort to say "On your left!" They invariably get mixed up, and quickly jump to the left right into my pathway.

What is worse than the whole announcing-jumping-to-the-wrong-left thing, is when I don't say anything and attempt a stealthy pass. They ALWAYS, (and I do mean ALWAYS) do this little jump scream like maneuver which sounds like "Whhhhaaaaa!" or "Aaaaakkkk!" This annoys me FAR more than if I had just said I was behind them in the first place.

I'm working on this. For now, I think I'll buy a bell like old dudes have on their bike.

Ching, Ching! Ching, Ching!

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